Saturday, 9 March 2013

(G)OOD + (D)EVIL, 3D Making-Of.

My previous post contained Chris Turners short film, (G)OOD + (D)EVIL. Time Based Arts provided the post production magic and invited me onboard to create some 3D elements. I worked on two sequences realising cracking walls and billowing fabric.

In the first sequence, the heroine, painted black with white eyes, claws at the air. It's an intense moment. I created cracking plaster to suggest the environment was somehow reacting to her performance. The shot could have been little more than a 2D animation of cracks appearing, but the subtleties in shifting surfaces and sliding edges required a 3D solution. Due to the shallow focus and bizarre sense of time in the piece, I created only one animation sequence which was then retimed and repositioned for each shot. The making-of video, below, outlines the process. Note that lighting duties were performed by James Mann with Flame compositing by TBAs own, Mike Skrgatic.

A sequence depicting the heroines [extremely] disturbed sleep included a bed covered in couture fabric. Whilst it's not visible in the source footage (due to the grading) the fabric provided was considerably smaller than desired. Chris planned to extend the fabric in post, filling the room. Mike and Jim at TBA had seen the cloth work I'd produced for Harry Potter and suggested I come up with a 3D solution rather than executing a static 2D paint up. I created a number of tests, but by far the most successful were those that tied in the actresses writhing movements. Creating interaction between the cloth and the bed helped place the fabric in the scene. The making-of video, below, outlines the process and once again, lighting duties were performed by James Mann with Flame compositing by Mike Skrgatic.