Tuesday, 26 March 2013

R James Healy VFX. 3D Reel 2013.

This reel* is composed of my favourite shows from the last five years. Subtitles indicate, the title, the facility where the production took place and the role I played on the project. The sound for this reel was created using audio samples from 1980’s feature films.  They are, in order of appearance: Robocop, Mad Max, Scanners, Blade Runner and [of course] Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back.

*What's a reel? If you aren't in the animation industry you may not not know what a 'reel' or 'show-reel' is. Simply, it's a moving portfolio. This particular reel is focused on my skills as a 3D craftsman. It is intended to show my ability to interpret direction and make the best visuals possible. I don't develop these projects alone, it's a collaborative process. On a feature film the crew may run to thousands of individuals, whilst a commercial may be less than a dozen. This work is commercial, but that should not be interpreted as non-creative. I'm involved with projects planned in the most minute detail as well as those that are blank canvases. All of them provide creative and technical challenges, I guarantee it!